Hi, I’m Weiyi

I’m Weiyi, currently is a founding member / engineer manager@StratisX. I lead a mid-size cross-cultural virtual team.

I was a ROR backend engineer and transited to M-track in recent years. My second career would be career development by inspiring ppl through coaching. I aim to with financial independence in 10 years. I am a DragonBall fan, but rather than Goku, I am pro-Vegeta, since he is always dedicated to developing his own growth, even though he knows that Goku will always be a #1 Saiyan.

In early April 2020, I made the toughest decision in my life. I have to pick up phones, dialed to doctors, and ended my puppy’s life due to irreversible health issues.

I paused my work and had a life retrospective to figure out what I am fighting for? do I still stick to first me? Am I becomes to someone I don’t want to be?

After that, I realized within these years, I’ve learned so much! it can’t be retro in a few days/weeks, but write it all down, record it somewhere, and finger-cross one day, this helps someone.

Leaders and I who worked beside them.

I’ll focus on a few topics that really benefits me 👣

  • Career

How to be a pragmatic engineer / manager / leader?

  • Personal Growth

How to leverage core strength? / My path to F.I.R.E

  • Trend

blockchain ⛓ / especially Stablecoin

  • Chinese / English version articles.

bi-language supported, but Chinese version first 😜



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